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Choosing the right school
Nowadays, schools try quite hard to woo young people and that is the reason why the future students are bombarded with information about exceptional majors and enticing scholarships. Choosing a field of study proves to be a crucial step in career planning, so it is worthwhile to consider your personal interests ...

Student Conferences
The academic year activities do not include only visiting libraries and preparing for tests and seminars. Each student can lend variety to the daily routine by attending interesting student conferences....

First year in college
There are various problems awaiting for the first year students but by following few useful tips every fresher can make his or her academic adventure much less stressful...



What to chose: a flat or a dormitory?

After you get accepted to a university you must think about your future accommodation. Local freshers do not have to struggle with such problems but most of new students move to academic cities from various places so finding good accommodation is of high importance to them.
The first option is a dormitory. However, in order to get a room in a student’s house, you have to fulfil certain criteria determined by your university. You have to submit adequate documents and certificates by a given time. Students usually can chose their dormitory and it is advisable to pick the one which is in a close proximity to your school because thanks to this you will be able to save some extra money on public transport tickets.
Low rent is also a big advantage of dormitories. You do not have to worry about any other bills or organizational matters, as it often takes place when you rent a flat. One of the dormitories’ disadvantages is the fact that they are big buildings where a lot is going on and sometimes it is quite difficult to find good studying conditions there.
If it comes to renting a flat or a room, the rent is much higher, but the comfort of living is also much better and that is why you should consider which option is better for you and what you can afford. It is also a good idea to look for good accommodation during summer holidays and not wait at the last minute because later you might have a problem with finding nice place to stay. The decision on accommodation is crucial and you should take into consideration both your future comfort and your financial means.

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Work and study

Nowadays there is a little number of people who can afford being just a student. Not everyone can be lucky enough to have parents who are able to support their child during studies. Most of students are on their own so they have to find a job which will be their main source of income.
It is a good idea to look for a job right after passing your high school final exams. Obviously, it is not going to be a good and well paid position but rather some casual job. Yet, this causal job can give you an opportunity to save quite a lot of money during the three months of summer holiday. You will need these funds to survive few initial months in a new place when the school starts.
Luckily, in big cities with universities there are many casual job opportunities so you will not have any problems to find something suitable for you. Such work is maybe not very ambitious but it is good enough to earn some money in order to be financially independent. Furthermore, it has another big advantage – flexible working hours. You will be able to arrange your shifts without missing lectures and seminars.
Combining work and studies sometimes may prove to be tiring and that is why it is important to plan everything ahead because by doing so you will surely be able to reserve some time for fun and relaxation. Take your time to prepare well for your studies. Additionally, working and studying at the same time give you valuable experience which you might need in the future.


Lectures are inherent in higher education. Some of them are fascinating while other prove to be boring. Yet, you have to survive all of them in order to gain as much knowledge as possible so that in the future you will not have to spend sleepless nights in the maze of books you have never heard about before.
Lectures are quite relaxing because you do not have to prepare much for them. There are, of course, some exceptions and you might encounter lecturers who threat students with difficult questions, but it is highly unlikely that you will ever meet them. In most cases, lectures are rather pleasant. Thanks to such approach you really can obtain more information in an intelligible way and get more interested in the issues presented.
But, at the same time, you must know that just listening is not enough. Sooner or later someone will want to test your knowledge and that is why you must have materials which will help you prepare for tests and exams. Take notes during lectures or you can also record speeches if your professors give you their consents. Thanks to this you will have the necessary material to use while studying for an important exam.
Lectures are usually very interesting because people who conduct them are true fans of their fields of studies. Their striving for knowledge is contagious so you can truly learn a lot and spend your time in a pleasant atmosphere.

Preparing for seminars

Many freshers find seminars very surprising. It is because in high school lessons were much different and took twice less time than seminars. At university everything seems to be up-side-down and many students have problems dealing with the new situation.
Seminars differ greatly from lectures and it is not enough to just attend them to achieve a good mark. Here a discussion is the key. You should prepare properly before such classes. A good idea is to read proper literature in order to gain the knowledge necessary in participating in such disputes. At the beginning it is not easy to break the ice and start having a conversation with your professors and other fellow students. Most young people lack their own strong opinion and fresh approach to a given issue or theory. But, after all, it is worth trying.
Thanks to seminars you will be able to memorize everything better and prepare yourself to future exams so such classes give you a variety of benefits. Even if you think that your opinions are not especially sharp, it is still worth taking part in the conversations and learning from your mistakes. It will not hurt to actively participate in the classes.
Seminars give you a chance to present your interests and knowledge which are constantly developing. Additionally you can share your opinions and have an interesting discussion. You do not have to agree with the theories of your professors or doctors because each student has the right to defend their own view. Thanks to this seminars become even more interesting and taking part in them is be a pleasure.

How to take notes well?

The art of note taking is very useful, especially at university. It is not high school anymore and no one will tell you what you should note down. Students must count solely on themselves and their skills. In order to achieve better effects you ought to hone your skills a little bit.
First of all, you cannot get discouraged after initial failures because they can happen to everyone. Students need to learn how to select most useful data from all the information heard during the lectures. You will find out quickly that it is impossible to note down everything your professor says. Nobody will wait until you finish taking notes and that is why you need to know how to distinguish useful information from the useless.
Do not worry if your notes seem to be a bit chaotic at the beginning. When you get home after classes take a moment to put everything in order, add information that you managed to remember but did not write down. This way you will prepare your final notes thanks to which it is going to be much easier to review the material before exams.
During the lectures pay attention to the main topics and issues. Later you will be able to check the details using appropriate literature so you will not miss anything. You should also note down the titles of recommended books and scientific magazines. With all this information, your notes will be well designed and gaining knowledge will not cause any problems. Good notes are a guarantee of success in tests and during the final exams so it is worthwhile trying to prepare them as best as you can.


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